White Wine

Are you after some easy-to-drink white wine? At Jim’s Cellars you can find just the wine you need, online and at competitive prices:

Chardonnay - One of the world's most famous wines that goes with a variety of foods.

Semillion Sauvignon Blanc - A white wine known for its fresh and crisp taste, suitable for just about any occasion.

Pinot Grigio / Pinot Gris - A blend of wine that can vary depending on region.

Verdelho - A clean wine with a fresh taste, that goes with a variety of foods.

Riesling - A light wine known for its fresh taste.

Dessert Wine - Wines that contain a little bit more sugar to go with your dessert.

Sweet White Wine - A more sugary white wine if you find other wines to be too overwhelming.

These white wines can all be delivered to you fast and right to your door. To find the perfect white wine for you why not browse our extensive range now?