Beer & Cider

Male or female, the quintessential Aussie is typically pictured wearing stubbies, Australian flag draped over the shoulder, beer in hand. Jim's Cellars is the best of bottle shops when it comes to all types of beer and cider. We specialise in everything beer and pride ourselves on REAL imported beer, whose origins are of the country where they were first conceived, and not brewed under licence in a neighbouring suburb.

There's nothing quite like the thought of a cold beer or cider waiting for you to get through a long hot day, and here at Jim's we understand the need for that cool bottle to live up to high expectations.

We offer a huge range of all types of beer, whether you want to store a box away for the weekend or pick up a craft beer on the way to a BBQ. Cideris creeping up on beers in the popularity stakes and there's plenty of those in-store too.

Stop by at the stores in Waitara and the Crow's Nest to make the most of the great range and helpful staff, or simply have a look around here on the website to buy cider and beer online.

We don't want anyone to miss out on the quintessential Aussie summer, so we're happy to post those hot day provisions to restock empty beer fridges anywhere in the country.