Rum is a famous spirit made from sugarcane or sugarcane by-products, and then aged in oak barrels. Its history goes right back to antiquity in India or China, from where it spread throughout the world.

Rum comes in many varieties, like red rum, white rum and spicy rum.

Red rum is aged in oak which gives it the reddish colour and a fuller flavour. Perhaps the best-known red rum in our range is Australia’s very own Bundaberg Rum.

White rum is fermented in steel then filtered to give it a clearer colour. It is typically sweeter than red rum and the most famous brands are Bacardi, which is a straight white rum, and Malibu, which has a fresh coconut flavour added to it.

Spicy rum has all kinds of herbs of spices infused into it for distinct flavours, and one good example of this type of rum is Kraken Rum.

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