French Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Want a taste of authentic French champagne or sparkling wine? Our range here at Jim’s comes straight to you from the Champagne region of Northeast France.

French Champagne is produced using a process that follows special rules, (if it doesn’t follow these stringent rules it is not considered true French “champagne”), and is only produced using grapes from the champagne region in Northeast France.

If you like your champagne dry, we have brut champagne in our range, and if you have a sweet tooth we also have many sweet varieties for you.

Many different types of French champagne exist, and these can be classified based on sweetness, grape type and sub-region.

French champagne is available here at Jim’s, ready to be delivered straight to your door.

Can you imagine yourself popping open a bottle of your favourite French sparkling champagne or wine at your next party or event? Take a look at our online range now and take your pick.