Mid Strength Beer

Mid strength beer typically has an alcoholic content of 3.5%. It’s great if you need to limit your alcohol intake, but not so much that you get a “watered-down” version of your favourite beer.

Here at Jim’s, we have for you some of the best brands of Australian mid strength beer available, like Coopers and XXXX Gold.

Mid strength beer is great to enjoy with your dinner, with friends, or just relaxing in front of the TV on a hot summer afternoon.

You can buy mid strength beer in stubbies or cans.

All mid strength beer in our range can be delivered to you swiftly, and right to your door, so you no longer need to go to the bottle shop to get your beer.

You can get your mid strength beer here online at Jims. Just browse our range, choose your favourite beer and we’ll deliver it to you.