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Rieslingfreak No.5 Clare Valley Off Dry Riesling

Rieslingfreak No.5 Clare Valley Off Dry Riesling 2017

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There are few off-dry styles of Riesling in Australia that are executed as well as this offering from Riesling fanatic, John Hughes.

The balance in the 2017 release is excellent. From a vintage that Hughes has described as "the Riesling Vintage of the century thus far." the intensity of the fruit and the laser-like acidity all lent itself perfectly to make a more 'Germanic' expression of the Clare Valley. This wine style matches perfectly with spicy dishes and has the balance to drink brilliantly on its own.

Rieslingfreak was born from a long-running love for the Riesling variety. Established by John Hughes in 2009, Rieslingfreak started as a passion-project and has grown to a portfolio of 11 different Riesling styles.

Since the beginning, the mission for Rieslingfreak has been to produce quality Rieslings that best represent both style and region. Crafted Rieslings that showcase the strength of various South Australian wine regions, including Clare Valley, Eden Valley and Polish Hill River. The collection has been created with each of the Rieslingfreak wines being assigned a number, and the number represents both the region where the grape is grown, and the style of the Riesling in the bottle.

The Rieslingfreak collection includes dry, sweet, sparkling, and fortified Riesling styles. There are not many grape varieties in the world that provides a winemaker the same level of versatility that Riesling does.

Clare Valley

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