Yalumba Y Series Chardonnay

Yalumba Y Series Chardonnay

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The Y Series Chardonnay grapes are picked across the flavour spectrum, from lively citrus flavours such as lemons and limes to peach and tropical flavours. We pick in this way to ensure that when blended, the wine is balanced with flavour and natural acidity. Pressed straight to fermentation, the juice is managed using a “hands off” approach. Indigenous yeasts initiate and complete fermentation, and once finished the wine is left on lees, with the lees kept in suspension to build
complexity until blending and bottling.
Winemaker Notes

Pale straw with green tinges in colour, this wine opens with aromas of honeysuckle and tropical fruits such as paw paw. There is a touch of complexity from the wild fermentation, just enough to let you know that under the pretty façade is a fun and adventurous wine. The palate is an alluring combination of fresh fruits, spices such as white pepper and just enough “wildness” to keep you coming back for another glass. It finishes with a fresh cleansing line of citrus zest. Try with slow roasted pork belly with pear coleslaw.
South Australia

* Across any 6 bottles of wine, when purchased in store.

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