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The Nikka 12YO Whisky

The Nikka 12YO Whisky

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A rare Japanese Whisky with an age stetement on the bottle.
Iconic blend by the historical Japanese producer, "The Nikka 12
years' is a worthy showcase of the Nikka blenders' know-how
and skill. With a majority of malt whisky from Nikka's two
distilleries in northern Japan - Yoichi and Miyagikyo and a
grain whisky distilled in a Coffey still, all the elements at the
heart of Nikka are brought together in one exceptional whisky
COLOUR: Old gold with orange hue.
NOSE:Sleek and refined. A perfect balance of fruits, malted barley,
beeswax and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg), the first nose is very full
The nose then evolves on softer fruit and herbal notes (moss,
lichen), a sign of great maturity, and lingers on citrus aromas
(orange, lemon).
PALATE: Both lively and serene. Dark chocolate provides the
backbone of mouth-watering bitterness. On one end, the malted
barley extends to earthier notes, while on the other, fresh fruits
(apple, prunes mirabelle and greengage plums, pear) are reminisce
cent of a plentiful harvest. With air, honeyed and floral notes (ilac,
lilly of the valley) make their appearance.
FINISH:Long, suave. At first, coconut milk and red berries (strawberry
raspberry) stretch out across the palate. In the back of the mouth
candied fruit (pineapple, clementine) accentuate the pleasant
freshness, while the retro-olfaction is marked by tobacco and licorice
notes. The empty glass offers a glimpse at a variety of flowers
700 mL

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