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Tenuta Ulisse Montepluciano d’Abruzzo 2020

Tenuta Ulisse Montepluciano d’Abruzzo 2020

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This wine has a ruby red colour with garnet reflections. intense, persistent and fruity, flowery fragrance with hints of cherry, blackberries, ripe red fruit with slight herbal / leathery spice towards the end. Well-bodied, tannic and well balanced. Excellent with flavoured first dishes, roast meats, mature cheeses and dark chocolate.

The origin of this grape has always been uncertain. Also students as Molon (1906) classified it as a“Sangioveti” variety. Today it is sure that the two grapes have nothing in common. Cultivated mainly in Abruzzo and the other regions of centre-south Italy. Today, thanks to the passion of some producers and winemakers, the Montepulciano has emerged to the international limelight as one of the best quality red grapes in world.

Founded in 2006, Tenuta Ulisse is today the symbolic mark of the enological renaissance in Abruzzo. Tenuta Ulisse presents itself as a modern, dynamic winery which values into a new era where it blends modern winemaking technology and the energetic lifestyle of contemporary life expressing the potential and character of the native grapes of Abruzzo. They have developed their own style of operation, and this is reflected in their approach to wine making. The wines are the result of the passion and experience of Antonio and Luigi Ulisse, two brothers dedicated to expressing the potential and character of the region’s wines. Each glass from Tenuta Ulisse’s wine is a journey, an experience that amazes a vision.

750 mL
Abruzzo Italy

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