Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale - Case of 24

  • $85.00

Inspired by our home on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and brewed using all Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops, Pacific Ale is cloudy and golden with a big fruity aroma and a refreshing finish. Great stuff!
Brew Master Notes

Why don’t we filter or pasteurise our Pacific Ale?

Filtering beer removes the remaining yeast which causes the beer to look cloudy; unfortunately a lot of the flavour is also removed by the filter.

Pasteurising beer usually involves a heating process which gives it some stability for shipping long distances or storing for a long time. Unfortunately this process can also knock some of the crisp freshness out of the beer.

What about the yeast in the bottom of the bottle?

We leave the yeast in Pacific Ale because we believe it adds something special to the flavour of the beer. The yeast drops to the bottom of the bottle over time so we recommend you give the bottle a gentle roll or tip it upside down before opening it to rouse the yeast and mix it up.
Byron Bay NSW

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