Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort

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Discover the comforting embrace of Southern Comfort, the legendary American liqueur that has been beloved for over a century. Crafted with a harmonious blend of fruit, spice, and whiskey, this versatile liqueur embodies the spirit of Southern hospitality. Encased in the iconic fluted bottle, it invites you to savor the smooth and inviting taste that has made it a classic addition to cocktails or enjoyed on its own.

Experience the warm aroma of peach, vanilla, and spice, followed by a palate that offers a perfect balance of sweetness and whiskey character. Its smooth and velvety texture delivers a comforting finish, making it perfect for sipping over ice or as a key ingredient in classic cocktails. Whether you're enjoying a classic Southern Comfort and Coke or experimenting with mixology, this timeless liqueur promises a delightful and comforting experience with every sip.


700 mL
United States

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