Skouras Moscofilero

Skouras Moscofilero

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Domaine Skouras was founded in 1986 by Dijon-trained oenologist George Skouras. The estate is located near the city of Argos, on the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece. Domaine Skouras focuses on indigenous Greek grapes, such as this wine made from the native grape Moscofilero.

Moscofilero is a lovely, summery drink. The color is light white yellow. Opulent aromas –light and fresh– of white flowers and honeysuckle are revealed, rounded out with notes of citrus fruits and lime. Medium- to full-bodied, refreshing and vigorous acidity, with the aromas on the mouth following those of the nose. Elegant, balanced and with a long finish.

750 mL
Peloponnesos Greece

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