Ramos Pinto Porto Reserva Adriano

Ramos Pinto Porto Reserva Adriano

  • $40.00

This is the wine of the founder of Casa Ramos Pinto. The wine which conquered Brazil to such an extent that Port Wine became known simply as "Adriano". It is a blend of 6 to 7 year old wines, aged in wood, and can be served as an aperitif, a starter, or even at the end of the meal.
Winemaker Notes

Its colour has hints of red found in semi-developed tawnies with an orange meniscus, a product of its ageing. It has a very dense presentation with notes of fresh fruit (cherry and blackberry). The ageing in oak provides the aromas of dried fruit and nuts (plum and walnut) as well as ethereal and balsamic aromas. The attack of fresh fruit is gradual and intense. The perfect balance between freshness and age. The peppery notes come from its maturity. Long-lasting, elegant and smooth on the palate.

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