Moss Wood Amys Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec Merlot Petit Verdot

Moss Wood Amys Red 2022

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A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec Merlot Petit Verdot, this wine may be the younger sibling of the powerful Moss Wood Cabernet, but it possesses all the exceptional qualities inherited from its older counterpart. Its youthful fruit flavors provide for a delightful drinking experience, making it the perfect choice for immediate enjoyment. With its deep brick red color and bright energy, accompanied by scents of mulberry, blueberry, dark jubes, menthol, and cedar, this wine is a bold and expressive selection. On the palate, it offers rich, dark fruit flavors of blackcurrant, dark jubes, and mulberry, with a full body, velvety texture, and well-balanced tannins.

This Bordeaux-style red is sure to develop even more complexity and smoothness over the next 5 years.


750 mL
Margaret River WA

* Across any 6 bottles of wine, when purchased in store.

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