Mon Tout Heyday Chardonnay Natural Wine 2023

Mon Tout Heyday Chardonnay Natural Wine 2023

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This Mon Tout Heyday Chardonnay is made using natural fermentation and minimal intervention, featuring handpicked grapes and sustainable farming methods. It contains very minimal amounts of sulphur and is vegan-friendly, with no fining or filtration. The Chardonnay is sourced from Pemberton and fermented in old French oak puncheons and ceramic eggs, resulting in a textured and unadulterated West Australian wine.


The hand-picked Chardonnay grapes were gently pressed and placed in large, old French oak barrels for natural fermentation, which took place over several weeks. As the wine clarified and the yeast settled, the lees were periodically stirred back in to enhance freshness and texture. During the wine's maturation in oak and ceramic eggs, the malolactic fermentation occurred naturally, resulting in a delicate balance between the wine's acidity and fruit flavors.

The Mon Tout Heyday Chardonnay Natural Wine 2022 boasts ripe stone fruit, white grapefruit, lemon curd, and meringue as the main flavors, accompanied by delicate hints of honeysuckle, citrus blossom, and gardenia for added complexity. On the palate, notes of pear essence, nutmeal, and nectarine fuse with zesty pomelo, flinty oak, and a touch of salinity. The wine's texture is both sleek and silky, making it irresistibly moreish. As you savor it, rich flavors of plush stone fruit emerge, joined by fine mineral acidity and oak tension for structure and length. The finish is both dry and crisp, leaving a delightful aftertaste of apricot Danish, hazelnut, and baking spice. All in all, this wine offers an enticing amalgamation of bold flavors and a seamless, velvety texture.

750 mL
Pemberton WA

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