Mamos Afiltraristi - Unfiltered Pilsner

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Mamos Afiltraristi ( Unfiltered ) is a Greek pilsener beer that is bottled in small quantities immediately after fermentation. It is characterized by its full taste, its rich foam and the special aroma of hops.

As unfiltered, it retains the yeast cells that give it a characteristic cloudy appearance and lively taste . The long fermentation process of three weeks gives a rich aroma of esters while the special aromatic hop varieties impart floral aromas and citrus character.

Mamos beer is the most historic Greek beer. It dates back to 1876, when a certified brewer created the recipe for an exquisite beer and then the production in the city of Patras. It’s a pilsner beer, characterized by its' full-bodied taste and the intense aroma of hop, one of its' main ingredients. To this day, the original recipe is followed to produce this beer, giving it an extra special taste compared with no other. It's ideal to enjoy accompanied by some ‘mezedes’ and good company!

The beer of Mamos came out as a product of Athenian Brewery’s co-operation with the family business of the Mamos family in Patras. The targets set at that time were limited, within the boundaries of Patras and Western Greece, which, if achieved, would open up some prospects for further development of the local brand.  But the beer was loved and won by the consumer at the first moment and rightly, since it managed to awaken memories and to revive its unique flavor, through the original recipe that still holds, the representative of the Panagis Mamos family.

330 mL
Patras Greece

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