By Joy Armagnac 1982

By Joy Armagnac 1982

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 Paul & Marguerite Gessler began a love affair with Armagnac in Gers, Gascony. They moved to JoØ - a vineyard that had been passed down through their family. Their sons Olivier continued the tradition - abandoning polyculture for vine growing, focusing on the unique flavor of white grapes. Together, they crafted modern, refined C™tes de Gascogne wines & a range of supple, fruity Bas-Armagnacs. Now 4th-gen Vanessa & KŽvin Gessler tend to the terroir with passion. Brown w/ orange reflections, a nose of roasted hazelnuts & a mix of rancio & candied orange in the unctuous, fluid mouth.


700 mL
Armagnac in Gascony France

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