Inner Circle Cask Strength Rum

Inner Circle Cask Strength Rum

  • $120.00

The Inner Circle had long been an exclusive realm, reserved solely for the board of directors at Australia's Colonial Sugar Refining Companies, and a select few of their most cherished clients. Even within this privileged circle, access to its offerings was limited, with only intermittent access to its bottles. Yet, despite its scarcity, the legendary allure of Inner Circle's unique flavor spread like a whispered secret among rum enthusiasts worldwide. Today, Inner Circle proudly stands as a 100% Australian-owned and operated venture, no longer solely catering to its inner sanctum.

The term "Cask Strength" designates that the rum has undergone minimal dilution after its period of maturation in the cask, prior to bottling. Infused with a hint of 10-year-old rum, this variety boasts a robust 75.9% ABV. If this potency feels excessive for your palate, you might want to consider the Navy Strength alternative. Inner Circle's Cask Strength Rum is best enjoyed over ice, offering a potent yet harmonious flavor profile, with a pronounced, weighty sensation and a bold, warming intensity.

700 mL

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