Inner Circle Green Dot Navy Strength Rum

Inner Circle Green Dot Navy Strength Rum

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Once upon a time, the Inner Circle was an exclusive sanctuary reserved solely for the esteemed board of directors at Australia's Colonial Sugar Refining Companies and a privileged few among their esteemed clientele. Even then, access to the occasional bottle was a rare privilege. Despite its elusive nature, the word of Inner Circle's distinct and unforgettable flavor spread like wildfire among rum enthusiasts across the globe. Today, Inner Circle proudly stands as a 100% Australian-owned and operated establishment, no longer confined to the exclusive confines of its namesake.

The Inner Circle Navy Strength Rum is meticulously crafted through small-batch pot distillation and matured in a single American Oak ex-bourbon barrel for a period of five years. A finishing touch of 10-year-old rum adds complexity to this exquisite concoction. The resulting aroma is a tapestry of intricacy, weaving together hints of aromatic spices, oak, subtle notes of molasses, caramel undertones, and a subtle citrus whisper. With its warming character, this rum is best enjoyed over ice, garnished with a twist of lime.

700 mL
Queensland Australia

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