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Fair Vodka "Quinoa"

Fair Vodka "Quinoa"

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This brand has taken the world by storm. The company believes in Fair Trade and treating all people involved in the growing and production of the vodka equally, including paying the farmers a fair price.

Fair Trade is a global movement to alleviate poverty in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Gluten Free for those who like to look after their body.
✔ Nose: Floral, fruity, touch of wood, aromatic citrus, lime, approachable.
✔ Palate: Herbal, melon, cassis, berries, floral character, citrus, vanilla, nutty coconut, creamy, powdered sugar, soft mineral, slightly peppery, white peppercorn, feminine, lively, nice.
✔ Finish: Cedar, wood, citrus, smooth, soft, creamy, clean, crisp, mild.

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