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Brezza Barolo Sarmassa 2013

Brezza Barolo Sarmassa 2013

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Barolo from the ancient area that was called Salmassa.


The winemaking system is one very close to the traditional method for Nebbiolo from Barolo, with a difference in the length of maceration which in this case is generally higher because the grapes have usually softer tannins.

Barolo coming from this vineyard is much more elegant resulting in an earlier readiness for consumption. The usual combination suggest the game and read meat but given its elegance, goes well also for the whole meal. This Barolo produced by the family only in great vintages with an indication of the MEGA (Additional Mention of the Geographic) in about 9/10 years after the harvest you will have a great wine for conversation and therefore only recommended in very good company.

750 mL

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