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Brezza Barolo Castellero 2013

Brezza Barolo Castellero 2013

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 The Brezza Barolo Castellero  vineyard is an amazingly well-structured wine that when young will seem unbalanced but when it is aged, wow.

Production process
The vinification style, as for all our wines, is that we use a light hand that is more to accompany the grapes until the bottle. We believe that a wine especially from a single variety, is unique and unrepeatable we think of our winemaking like how a child is accompanied in its growth without force, to encourage their unique personality to come fourth. The above grapes are vinified separately only in vintages that are of good quality. In contrast, over the years less fortunate, we will plan to blend our Nebbiolo grapes from other subareas (Cannubi, Sarmassa) to produce a Barolo without the vineyard.

Serving recommendations
If you have a good storage cellar, in exceptional vintages, it would be better not to drink before the sixth year after the harvest the Barolo coming from a MEGA (Additional Mention of the Geographic) because if consumed younger you will miss out on the developed fragrances that emphasize the origin of the vineyard and also you will miss out on the qualities of the great aged reds.

The service temperature can vary from 16-18 °C / 60-64 °F if the Barolo is young; it is recommended pouring it into a large glass directly from the bottle; if the wine has more the 15 years of age it would be better to open the bottle pour a small glass to taste and let rest in the bottle for 2 or 3 hours before serving.

When a Barolo is more than 20 years, it is recommended to use a candle to control the clarity of the wine when being decanted, in order to leave the deposits that may have formed during aging. This operation must precede the consumption of at least 15 minutes. As for pairings, red meats, game, and stronger cheeses. Throughout the course of a meal it is recommended to start with a younger Barolo (less austerity) and as the meal progresses build up to a Barolo with more age and fuller character.

750 mL

* Across any 6 bottles of wine, when purchased in store.

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