Bundaberg Red Rum

Bundaberg Red Rum

  • $52.00

New Bundaberg Red Extra Smooth Rum is filtered using Australian Red Gum. Bundaberg Red was born from a challenge to create a smoother style of rum, while still retaining the unique Bundy character.
Bundaberg Red goes through 3 separate filtration processes which create an incredibly smooth profile.

Firstly there is chill filtration, which removes most of the impurities. Next, we have an activated carbon filter - which helps to create some of the smoothness. Finally, the rum is sent through the unique Red Gum filter.

This three stage process removes some of the stronger flavour compounds which exist in the regular Bundaberg UP, and allows some of the more subtle flavours to shine through. The result? An incredibly smooth, easier drinking Rum.
700 mL
Queensland Australia

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