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Brezza Barolo 2013

Brezza Barolo 2013

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This stunning Barolo comes from the vineyards located in the municipalities of Barolo, Monforte d’Alba, and Novello: which represents the southwestern part of the Barolo production area. This is a Barolo that the family has always produced, even in the seventies where separation of single vineyards began to take place. This wine expresses the soil characteristics and different microclimates that blend well in the this wine.

Production process
The wine-making process for this Barolo is like that of the cru’s but with a shorter maceration process. According to Giovanni Battista Croce (1606), Nebbiolo name derives from the transposition of the adjective “noble”; this is why we continue to age our Barolo in large Slavonian oak casts from 1500 to 3000 liters, (with the planks bent on fire but not toasted) and not new oak (since the new barrels are good for the Barbera). We believe that the noble Nebbiolo grape varietal develops its power gracefully. It is aged for two years in large barrels and one year in the bottle.

Serving recommendations
Among the different types of Barolo that the family produces this is the one that is immediately appreciated by the consumer and for the first time faces the varied landscape of this wine. Despite being a less complex Barolo it is better to consume this wine at a younger age given its expressive nose and excellent elegance even in its youth.

750 mL

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