Brouwerij Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet Golden Ale 330ml

Brouwerij Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet Golden Ale 330ml

  • $175.00

Tripel Karmeliet is served in one of the most elegant beer glasses to be found in Belgium

This Tripel is brewed with barley, wheat and oats. It could even be considered a six-grain beer as each of these grains is used in their raw as well as malted form.

Colour:  Gold to bronze with a beautiful clarity. When poured correctly, this tripel will form an impressively voluminous and creamy head that lasts for a long time.

Nose: The vanilla mingles with the orange-like aroma from the hops. Not only does it have the lightness and freshness of the wheat, it also has the creaminess of oats and a herbal, lemony dryness.

Palate: There is plenty of citrus in the note, also bitter lemon and sugar. A bit of malt on the tongue combined with sweet ripe fruit - exotic like banana. The finish also offers light citrusy touches but sweet malts as well.

330 mL

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