Riccadonna Asti Spumante

Riccadonna Asti Spumante

  • $13.00*

Riccadonna Asti wine is a smooth and bubbly wine that is sweet on the tongue, and is enjoyed by wine lovers everywhere who want a fresh, fruity taste.

Riccadonna wine is perfect for relaxing, dining, or any celebratory occasion where you want to enjoy a good drink with your friends. It also goes exceptionally well with cakes and desserts.

This Riccadonna Asti wine is made from white Moscato d’Asti grapes from the famous Piedmont region in Northern Italy, a region richly steeped in winemaking history.

If you’d like to experience the sweet fruity flavours of Riccadonna Asti wine, we at Jim’s can deliver it right to your door. Get your bottle today!
Winemaker Notes

Bright straw colour

Its aroma is rich and intense with delicate overtones suggestive of acacia, wisteria flowers and orange blossoms.

Its taste is naturally sweet, fruity, mildly fragrant and perfectly balanced with a hint of honey.

* Price is in any mixed six bottles of wine. Prices may vary in store

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