Plantation Pineapple Original Dark Spirit 1L

Plantation Pineapple Original Dark Spirit 1L

  • $80.00

With help from the spirits and cocktail historian David Wondrich, the boys and girls at plantation Rum have  tried to revive this forgotten nectar.  Relying on several ancient recipes, and added a few traditional techniques from their our own bag of tricks.

Infused ripe Queen Victoria pineapples are infused in rich, aged Original Dark rum for 3 months. Meanwhile, while macerated, also in rum, the bare rind of the fruit (where the pineapple's essential oil chiefly resides) and then distill it, creating a bright pineapple essence to blend with the lushness of the infused Plantation rum.
There uses for this are endless.
In the great 1L size.

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