Mateus Rose Kanga Pack

Mateus Rose Kanga Pack

  • $11.00*

The great value Mateus Kanga pack is back. You get the normal 750ml bottle with the handy 187ml, as a bonus.

Mateus is known the world over as the original Rosé. A favourite of consumers that love both sweet and dry wines, Mateus’ appeal lies in its fresh, fruity flavour and subtle spritz finish.
Mateus' origins date back to 1942, when Fernando Van Zeller Guedes, founder of the company, created a Portuguese Rosé and presented it in a beautiful bottle inspired by the flask bottles of World War I soldiers. The combination of a quality Rosé wine and unique bottle shape made Mateus a global success and more than 1 billion bottles have been sold in over 125 countries worldwide since its inception.

As the number one Rosé brand in Australia, Mateus has experienced somewhat of a revival, with the retro style bottle creating a sense of nostalgia for consumers and evoking memories of their first Mateus experience.


* Price is in any mixed six bottles of wine. Prices may vary in store

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